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Bulk Material, Storage, Weighing, and Processing.


Square bulk storage bin systems

Our bulk storage bin systems can be custom-designed to fit any application and virtually any storage capacity.


Micro ingredient weigh systems

Our micro-batch weigh systems offer significant improvement in reliability and accuracy through innovative feeder design.


High-speed weigh lorry systems

Our high-speed weigh lorries load 3-5 times faster than traditional systems and are compatible with any size truck.

Bulk Material Processing Facility Design & Construction

Abel LLC has been setting industry standards since 1963, leading the way with innovative solutions in ingredient batch weighing and weigh lorry systems that optimize the bulk flow process in facilities throughout the U.S. and across the globe. Our product line improves load capacity, speed and accuracy, while reducing errors in data logging and industry compliance.

With over 50 years of extensive experience in feed production, grain handling, seed processing, fertilizer, plastics, aggregates, and any other type of bulk material, we can provide you with the bulk material processing facility design that efficiently meets your needs now and in the future.

Micro-Batch Equipment Built To Your Specifications

Abel designs and builds custom bulk material handling equipment to match your facility’s needs. Our machines handle dry and liquid aggregates of any kind.

With pioneered material handling technologies that competitors can’t keep up with, Abel equipment will always make your flow process more efficient.

Affordable bulk material batching and weighing systems
Custom-engineered bulk material processing solutions

High speed operation due to multiple feeders operating simultaneously

Bulk weigh scales and truck scale load cell

Trough type scale hopper with excellent scale dust containment

Load material transportation faster with 9-bin systems from Abel

Bin capacities from 3ft³ (0.08m³) through 75 ft³ (2.1m³)

High speed operation due to multiple feeders operating simultaneously

Trough type scale hopper with excellent scale dust containment

Bin capacities from 3ft³ (0.08m³) through 75 ft³ (2.1m³)

Custom Metal Fabrication

Our expert Appleton, WI metal fabricators use laser cutting, welding, forming & bending, assembly, and paint to create machinery that matches our client’s exact specifications. We mass-produce large metal pieces, along with smaller, more intricate metal bolts for a variety of international businesses in any industry. We work with carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and custom materials on request.

Our quality workmanship ensures that whatever part you require, we’ll have it made to your exact specifications and quality at a competitive price. Contact an Abel LLC engineer for more information about our custom metal fabrication abilities and project quotes.

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Turnkey Processing Solutions For Any Market

Abel can design, supply, and manufacture complete truck load-out facilities in any industry. Our equipment is designed to handle any free-flowing bulk material from aggregates like grain and gravel to liquid like sludge, slurry, or any other additives & enhancers.

and more.

Contact an Abel expert today, or learn more about our free-flowing system solutions for your industry.