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Smooth Wall Bin Systems

Since 1963, Abel LLC has strived to provide innovative solutions in ingredient batch weighing and lorry systems to ultimately optimize the bulk flow process. Our newest bin system highlights our dedication to setting the industry standards for product handling equipment. The new smooth wall bin system was developed to help meet increasingly strict feed safety requirements. This state-of-the-art design improves material flow and eliminates areas where feed may collect or become trapped. Abel LLC’s smooth wall bin system optimizes the bulk flow process and is the strongest, fastest erecting and most durable square bin system on the market.

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State of the Art Smooth Wall Bin Systems

The goal of the smooth wall bin system is to provide a design that meets your needs now and in the future. Each of the system’s features contributes to making your flow process more efficient, including:

  • Smooth bin surfaces to provide superior material flow
  • Preassembled panels up to 25 ft high to reduce field assembly time
  • Assembled using high-strength fasteners
  • Ventilated interior wall spaces

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Smooth Wall Bin Features

Abel engineers and builds the strongest and most durable square bin systems in the market. What sets Abel's square bin systems apart from competitors is that almost the entire bin system is assembled using high-strength fasteners to protect against damage to the coatings on galvanized or aluminized steel. The only welding used to manufacture the walls is in the roof area to provide the best protection against water penetration. The interior wall spaces are purposely designed to help ventilate and prevent the buildup of dust and moisture which can cause corrosion. It also permits effective fumigation if ever required. 

FEA for Industrial Applications

Abel implemented a new system to create smooth wall bins that use a highly refined hopper-to-wall connection. It exclusively uses mechanical fasteners to greatly reduce assembly time and preserve the protective coatings on the steel. Field assembly time is also substantially reduced by the use of blind fasteners mounted into plain holes. This removes the requirement to have two people installing bolts and the problems associated with thread damage due to threaded connections. The extensive use of FEA (Finite Element Analysis) assures exceptional structural strength. Our advanced in-house FEA capabilities allow us to judiciously use steel where it increases strength while minimizing costs. Not only does this bin design offer unsurpassed strength for storing heavy materials, but its unique bin corner configuration permits the direct support of substantial headhouse structures.

Abel designs and manufactures smooth wall bin systems for markets including:

and more.