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Square Bolted Bin Systems

Bulk Storage Bins For Bulk Material Handling Facilities

Abel designs and builds top-quality bolted bin storage systems for any type of bulk material handling facility. With over 50 years of experience, you can trust our project managers to know how to maximize your facility's space with a custom flow solution for your storage bin system. Abel provides square storage bin systems for virtually any arrangement, with your choice of single, corrugated, or double-walled bin designs to optimally equip your bulk material handling facilities. Abel offers a variety of custom-engineered bulk handling equipment from bulk grain bins and batch weighing systems.

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Bolted Bins & Comprehensive Bulk Storage Solutions 

Abel has the capabilities to design, build, and equip your bulk material storage systems from the ground up. We supply manufacturers with everything from handling equipment to safety equipment.  

We offer a full line of square bin system options that include:

  • Enclosure Siding
  • Stairways
  • Safety railings
  • Weigh hoppers
  • Access ladders
  • And more!
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3 Designs to Choose From

Standard Wall Design

The standard wall design is the staple for high-capacity storage bins. The standard bins have 45-degree beveled corners & a minimum of 60 degrees on all contact surfaces which provides excellent self-cleaning. They can be designed to hold materials weighing up to 100 pounds per cubic foot and can be made from carbon, galvanized steel, or stainless steel.

Corrugated Wall Design

Corrugated wall storage bins are perfect for storing larger particle-type materials including seed, grain, & plastic pellets. The corrugated design offers easy clean-out by nearly eliminating the areas where larger particle material can collect & get stuck. If you are looking to store ground or fibrous materials, consider choosing the standard or double wall bins.

Double Wall Design

The double wall design provides the best performance for materials that bridge or flow poorly with the essentially smooth bin wall surfaces. These bins also allow for a short construction time by being shipped as remanufactured assemblies. The double-wall bins are capable of handling substantial roof loads with their heavy 45-degree wall corners.

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Commercial Bolt Bins for Bulk Grain Storage & Other Industries

Abel specializes in new builds for bulk grain bins, remodeling grain bin layout design, and providing custom flow solutions for square bulk feed bin systems. We also design and build bulk storage bin systems for any other variety of free-flowing bulk material industries.

Bulk Material Storage and Custom Bolt Bins

Abel works with you to design custom bolt bins and industrial storage systems for any and all of your bulk free-flowing materials. We use high-quality materials to make our industry-leading automatic storage systems and install all necessary features including stairs, storage hoppers, and safety railings. As part of your batching system, we also install and design micro-batch weighing systems enhancing your bolted bins system, producing batches ready for delivery from your stored material. Get a design quote today to start designing your new bolted bins bulk material storage system.

Commercial Bulk Material Storage Systems for All Industries

Abel custom designs and builds commercial bolt bin bulk material storage systems for all industries. Our square-bolted bins can be optimized for most materials including


Markets that Abel designs and builds square bolted bin systems for:

and more.