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Bulk Material Handling Facility Design

Abel Optimizes Free-Flowing Bulk Material Facilities

With over 50 years of experience designing bulk handling facilities across a variety of industries, Abel is trusted around the world to help improve speed and efficiency for bulk material loading. We’ve pioneered solutions for bulk handling equipment such as our industry standard high-speed weigh lorry systems that cut down on truck load time and micro batch ingredient systems that allow for up to 72 different additive bins for complex operations. Abel-designed bulk material processing facilities increase weighing accuracy, loading speed, and most importantly your business's profits with improved facility output.

Whether you need remodeling to consolidate your current facilities, custom flow solutions, or a brand new facility built, Abel project managers know how to make the most of your facility's space.

Abel Reviews & Improves Your Bulk Material Handling Facility

Abel provides custom solutions catered to your bulk material industry specifications, including existing facility reviews and remodels to increase your ROI. With a consultation from one of our experienced project managers we will assess and identify the flaws and inefficiencies in your existing system and provide statistical evidence for how our new system will increase your bulk material processing capabilities.

Bulk material markets Abel provides facility design services for include but are not limited to:

and more.