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Micro Batch Weighing Systems

Abel Designs Custom Micro Ingredient Batching Feeders for Bulk Material Handling

Abel has been in the bulk material handling equipment industry for over 50 years. In fact, we pioneered the first micro-batch weighing system technology – it has now become a fundamental component of feed manufacturing and other bulk material processing systems around the world. Abel has continued to drive advancements in batch weighing technology with our patented variable speed electric motor drive system, optimized bin design and the development of a variety of equipment options from high-precision feeders to dust collectors and more.

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Abel has designed and manufactured hundreds of systems operating worldwide because our minor ingredient systems are the industry standard for:

  • Accuracy
  • Error reduction
  • Speed
  • Statistical recording
  • Access ladders
  • Government compliance
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Moving Scale System

This high sensitivity, light weigh scale is easy to clean, and makes the ideal weighing system for applications that mandate high accuracy and reduced cross-contamination. The moving scale system provides a number of unique benefits to aid in speed & accuracy:


  • Scale track extensions allow hopper scales to discharge directly into a mixer
  • Optional vibratory feeders provide accurate measurements within 0.002 lbs (1g)
  • Hopper type scales with discharge gates or platform scales with removable containers

Weight Gain System

A combination of performance and cost-effectiveness makes the Abel engineer-designed weight gain system the most popular choice in the market today. The popularity of the weight gain system can be attributed to its various cost saving & performance characteristics:


  • Most economical weighing system
  • Most immune to environmental issues such as vibration & air currents
  • Excellent dust containment
  • Wide scale capacity range: 10 lbs - 1000 lbs
  • Wide bin capacity range: 3 ft- 75 ft3

Weight Loss System

Abel’s breakthrough in inventory-by-weight capability revolutionized the micro-weighing system market and set a new standard of accuracy for material tracking in high-capacity facilities. The weight loss system offers precise output with exceptional speeds with these performance-enhancing features:


  • High-speed operation with multiple feeders operating simultaneously
  • Flexible system layout with easy expansion
  • Redundancy features built in to increase reliability
  • Reduced machine height

Batching & Dispensing Systems For Any Free-Flow Bulk Material

Abel has experience designing and manufacturing minor ingredient dosing systems for any and all bulk material handling industries. We specialize in micro-batching systems for feed mills, pet food plants, cement mortar facilities, seed processing facilities, and other bulk aggregate or additive applications.

Upgraded Micro Batch Ingredient Systems

Abel's advanced ingredient batching systems are enhanced with a highly sensitive weighing system. Our weighing system allows for highly accurate and consistent micro-batching you can rely on. We have set a new standard of accuracy in micro ingredient batching systems unmatched by any of our competitors. Save time and money with guaranteed accuracy so you aren't cleaning up any messes or incorrectly dispensing too much product. Contact us to get a design quote on the best ingredient batching systems in the industry!

Ingredient Batching Systems for All Types of Materials

Abel works with you to design a micro-batch weighing system carefully calibrated for your ingredients. Our micro ingredient batching systems can sort, batch, hold, and filter any small free-flowing bulk materials including:


Revamp Your Batching Plant

Abel builds and installs micro-batch weighing systems for facilities in different industries. Contractors from around the nation have come to us to help improve the output, speed and accuracy of their batching system. With over 50 years of experience in designing bulk handling facilities, Abel is trusted to improve the speed of micro-batch weighing systems.

We install product handling equipment like micro-batch weighing systems in industries including:

  • Pet food manufacturing
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Construction

Common markets Abel provides micro ingredient batch systems for include:

and more.

Drawing many clients from all over the country including Cincinnati OH, Milwaukee WI, Madison WI, Chicago IL, Houston TX, Des Moines IA, Denver CO, Los Angeles CA, Dallas TX and Atlanta GA.