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Concrete Processing Equipment Manufacturers

Over 30 billion tons of concrete are manufactured each year globally. Keeping the aggregates separate and ensuring accurate ratios in the final mix can be a challenge for some. Our expert engineers here at Abel USA will design a system capable of handling the production level  in a cost-effective, efficient manner so that you can meet your business goals. We provide single equipment engineering to construction plant designs tailored to your facility. 

Concrete batching solutions

Our specialty at Abel USA is modular systems. These systems provide construction batching plants with efficient replacement and maintenance, so that line flow runs without a hitch. Each system is installed at a low cost. Abel engineers will customize the right aggregate handling system for your facility’s goals and needs. Contact Abel USA to get your custom design started!

Customizable aggregate handling equipment

For concrete handling equipment that can perform to the highest level of flow efficiency, call Abel USA. Our equipment is tailored to your facility and can be integrated into any construction batching plant layout. This custom bulk aggregate handling equipment includes:

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Square Bolted Storage Bins for Concrete

Get custom-designed, high-quality bulk storage bins for loose concrete material from Abel. Our square bolted bin systems offer better storage, transport, and line production for your bulk dry materials than our competitors. They are built to your exact specifications, whether you need safety railings, access ladders, weigh hoppers, and more.