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Solutions for your popcorn mass production system

Abel designs and produces the best equipment for your popcorn production factory. Our engineers design fully customized equipment to your specific needs, with grain batching, weighing and storage systems to help your popcorn manufacturing facility operate efficiently. Abel's equipment and custom manufacturing designs give your operation an edge in product consistency, quality and profitability. 

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Batch processing equipment for popcorn kernels

We provide custom-designed popcorn processing for your facility. We handle any specific needs of your manufacturing plant.

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Custom bolted bin storage systems for popcorn

Abel specializes in designing and manufacturing bulk production equipment and storage systems for the agriculture industry. Ouragricultural processing equipment is engineered to be easy to install, durable, reliable and affordable. Contact our engineers to get a custom processing plant system designed for your needs.


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Our processing equipment can sort, batch, hold and filter:

…and a variety of other grains differing in size, texture, and weight.

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