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Gravel Processing Equipment Engineering and Manufacturing

Gravel is a versatile construction material with many different applications in construction. Gravel is a main component of concrete and needs to be mixed with other materials in varying ratios depending on what the concrete will be used for. For processing free-flowing material like gravel, look to Abel USA for a custom batching solution. Our processing equipment is custom designed to sort, batch, hold and filter gravel in the most efficient and cost-effective way for your facility. We provide services from single equipment engineering to construction plant designs, all tailored to the unique goals and capabilities of each facility. 

Construction plant gravel batching

Abel modular systems efficiently and seamlessly keep line flow running for construction batching plants. For a low-cost installation, your facility can have a customized batching solution that is designed specifically to meet your business goals. Call Abel engineers to start creating the most ideal system for batching in your construction plant.

Bulk aggregate handling systems

To provide the most flow efficiency for your facility, Abel USA manufactures aggregate handling systems that suit your unique needs. We engineer a variety of bulk aggregate handling equipment including:

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Bulk Storage Bins for Gravel

Abel offers high-quality material storage bins for bulk gravel storage. Our square bolted storage bins meet any arrangement customers need with choices like corrugated, single, or double-walled bin designs. Whatever customers need, we can design, build, and equip your square bins from the ground up to your precise specifications.