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Feed Processing Equipment Manufacturers

Livestock feed varies depending on the type of animal, what they are raised for and any other dietary requirements. Abel LLC manufactures processing equipment specifically engineered to sort, batch and hold feed. Our team of engineers has the ability to fully customize these machines to the exact specifications and needs of your facility in order to reach your business goals. Our processing plants for rabbit, cow and goat feed are cost-effective and efficient, further optimizing your pet food operations.

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Efficient Feed Batching Solutions

Abel engineers innovative and efficient solutions to batching needs including feed storage, inventory control and material blending. Others replicate. Abel innovates. Contact Abel to see how our custom feed handling equipment can improve your operations. 

Custom Feed Handling Equipment Manufacturing

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Square Bin Systems to Manage Feed Storage

Abel designs and equips custom-designed square bin systems for facilities nationwide. This equipment is engineered to improve the storage, transportation and line production of animal feed. Our customers have the ability to customize these square bin systems to include stairways, railings, weigh hoppers and any other desired features. 



Our processing equipment can sort, batch, hold and filter:

…and a variety of other pet food differing in size, texture, and weight.

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