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Poultry Feed Processing Plant & Equipment

The poultry industry is fast-paced and feeding livestock at scale is no easy task. We at Abel USA design and produce poultry feed processing equipment to meet your unique business goals. Our team is experienced in pet food manufacturing and processing, helping us provide customized systems to match your business’s layout. We offer service remodels, retrofitting, and equipment installations.

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Poultry Feed Manufacturing Equipment

Our redesign engineers will help you every step of the way in creating your new plant layout. After the initial walk-through, we compare your goals with where your facility is at and create a custom design, unique to your business’s needs. We are proficient at remodeling your current batching systems and designing new batching systems to increase ROI for your facility. Whether you need a full redesign of your factory floor or a single-system replacement, we’re here for you. 

Customizable Aggregate Handling Equipment for Poultry Feed

We offer solutions for all poultry feed manufacturing, storage, and distributing needs. Our equipment options include: 

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Bulk Storage Bins for Poultry Feed

Abel specializes in designing, building, and installing bulk material storage systems for poultry feed manufacturers. Our square bolted bin systems are made to improve the storage, transporting, and production of materials. Customizing options include stairways, safety railing, weigh hoppers, and more.



Our processing equipment can sort, batch, hold and filter:

…and a variety of other pet food differing in size, texture, and weight.

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