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Cumin Seed Processing Plant Designs and Equipment Manufacturers

Abel LLC is a prominent cumin seed processing plant design company experienced at tailoring our designs to meet your specifications while improving daily operations and outflow. We’re a single-source bulk material facility design & equipment manufacturing company that has been leading the seed processing industry for decades. Our services range from full-blown plant designs to definitive cumin processing equipment. 

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Full Cumin Seed Processing Plant Designs

Abel LLC constructs a variety of cumin seed processing plant designs that are tailored to meet the unique requirements of your business. We ensure that we drive productivity and efficiency to your plant by using our bulk seed handling equipment. We have decades of experience and hundreds of skilled engineers that will be working at your disposal, whether it is for your remodel, new build, or custom design

Bulk cumin seed processing & handling machines

Our processing equipment can sort, batch, hold and filter:

Cotton seed processing plant design Cotton Seeds
Paddy seed processing plant design Paddy Seeds
Cumin seed processing plant design Cumin Seeds
Wheat seed processing plant design Wheat Seeds
Sunflower seed processing plant design Sunflower Seeds
Watermelon seed processing plant design Watermelon Seeds
Vegetable seed processing plant design Vegetable Seeds

…and a variety of other seeds differing in size, texture, and weight.

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