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Watermelon Seed Processing Plant Designs and Equipment Manufacturers

Abel LLC is an industry-leading seed processing plant design firm that specializes in customizing projects for enhanced production and flow on a daily basis. We supply bulk material facility design and equipment production that continues to set industry standards. Our services include anything from single-equipment engineering to whole seed processing designs. 

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Complete Watermelon Seed Processing Plant Designs

Abel LLC can provide specialized seed processing plants to meet your company's specific requirements. Our bulk seed handling equipment ensures that we maximize efficiency. Our engineers can guide you through every phase of your project, whether it's a remodel, a new build, or a custom design.

Bulk watermelon seed processing & handling machines

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Bulk Storage Bin Systems for Watermelon Seeds

Abel can assist with all storage needs when it comes to bulk dry materials such as watermelon seeds. Our project managers assist customers with designing custom square storage bin systems that improve storage, transport, and line production. We supply storage systems with equipment options from enclosure sidings and safety railings to stairways and access ladders. 



Our processing equipment can sort, batch, hold and filter:

Cotton seed processing plant design Cotton Seeds
Paddy seed processing plant design Paddy Seeds
Cumin seed processing plant design Cumin Seeds
Wheat seed processing plant design Wheat Seeds
Sunflower seed processing plant design Sunflower Seeds
Watermelon seed processing plant design Watermelon Seeds
Vegetable seed processing plant design Vegetable Seeds

…and a variety of other seeds differing in size, texture, and weight.

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