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Slag Processing Equipment Manufacturing and Engineering

Construction plants need to handle a wide variety of free-flowing materials, including slag. To make these processes easier, Abel USA designs custom processing equipment for sorting, batching, holding and filtering materials. Our engineers provide cost-effective single equipment engineering to construction plant designs, each tailored to the unique goals and capabilities of your facility. 

Modular systems and slag batching solutions

Abel engineers design modular systems that are efficient and keep line flow running seamlessly, all for a low-cost installation. Customize the right system for your needs to make replacement and maintenance easy. Contact Abel USA today to start designing your ideal aggregate handling system.

Efficient aggregate handling equipment

To achieve the highest level of flow efficiency, get an Abel bulk aggregate handling system for slag tailored to your facility. Our engineers manufacture a wide variety of equipment, all of which can be customized to improve efficiency and lower costs. These products include:

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Bulk Storage Bins for Slag

Our custom-designed bulk material storage bins are perfect for bulk slag material. The square bolted bin systems are built from the ground up and are perfect for your storage, transportation, and line production needs. We’re available to add any necessary accessories to the storage bin system like safety railings, weigh hoppers, or access ladders.