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Processing Plant and Equipment Engineering for Stone

Stone is an important element in the foundation of nearly every large construction project. Having a system that can keep up with the demand is key when growing your business. Engineers at Abel USA are experienced in designing customized batching equipment tailored to the business goals and needs of individual construction plants. For sorting, batching, holding and filtering materials like stone, Abel aggregate processing equipment is the solution. Our services are cost-effective and highly efficient, giving your facility the best equipment engineering and plant designs possible.

Efficient batching solutions for handling stone

The right kind of modular system for a construction batching plant can keep costs low and line flow running efficiently. Abel specializes in these systems. We design custom aggregate handling systems that match each facility’s unique needs and goals perfectly. Get in touch with Abel USA to see how your batching solution can be tailored specifically to you.

Custom aggregate handling equipment

Abel manufactures an extensive range of equipment for handling stone and other materials, each customized to integrate seamlessly into individual facility layouts and perform to the highest level of flow efficiency. Our bulk aggregate handling systems include:

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Storage Bins for Bulk Stone

Abel designs quality bulk material storage bins for loose stones. The square bolted bin systems are made to enhance transportation, storage, and line production for bulk construction materials. All requirements can be met from the ground up whether the storage bin needs railings, ladders, weigh hoppers, and more.